Cape Verde

BIG Fish territory, we have exclusive use of a beautiful apartment with tackle and lures ready to go, and after your hot days fishing you can cool off in the pool. We can get you fishing in world class levels and cheaper than many or most. Rock fishing, beach and local boat fishing is serious level. You can also of course hire the big game boats, we can introduce you to some of the very best.

Cape Verde Fishing Excursions:

In association with CV Fishing Holidays

Summary of Cape Verde Excursions (pdf)

Cape Verde Spinning (pdf)

Cape Verde Rock Fishing (pdf)

Cape Verde Spinning and Rock Fishing (pdf)

Cape Verde Rock Casting (pdf)

Cape Verde Shark Fishing (pdf)

Cape Verde Shark Balloon Fishing (pdf)

Cape Verde Shark Balloon Fishing Tournament (pdf)

Cape Verde Shark Fishing Tournament (pdf)


cape verde apartments

shark fishing


shark fishing