We  operate a house that can sleep 8-10 people, and you can fish in beaches of solitude, and sunbathe in complete safety. With you will be our chef and guide who can cook breakfast, lunch and tea on the beach for you all day if you require. This is sea bass territory with some huge specimens and can be caught spinning from the rocks, drifting baits, kayaking, distance surf casting, many, many methods can be employed. This holiday is all about peace, safety, seclusion. You and the family can stop in the house and sunbathe on the enormous sun deck where Rachid can bring cold drinks or mint teas as you need them. If any parties wanted to stop at the house, and the others fish of course this can be arranged all under care of our other guides. The beaches are that secluded sometimes we only see a few locals per day. 

Morocco Price Packages


Prices include:

Breakfast, translation and guide services, in house chef.

Guests are welcome to bring food for dinner and evening meals and chef will prepare, cook and serve it.   

Exclusive usage of house for 7-8 guests-7 days:


Exclusive usage of house for 4-6 guests-7 days:




Rachid can suggest good hire companies for cars and larger 4wd vehicles so local area and atlas mountains can be explored.

Rachid will be happy to accompany whole or part groups around sight-seeing  spots, local markets, take guests fishing, liaise with guided excursions, etc.

If the groups split, i.e. some fishing, some at home relaxing, Rachid can, for a small extra fee, call additional help.


Many Things to do


Although our house is pure remote Morocco, facilities are reasonably close, i.e. Ben Gammoud and Agadir.

Various night clubs and excellent restaurants abound in Agadir itself, also golf, horse riding, camel riding, quads, shows, are all near to Agadir and the house itself.


Our Beaches


To access the remote beaches we advise a 4wd for the group, this way sometimes you can sunbathe or fish and see no one or just a few locals per day.

Some guests even have a camel collect them from the house and spend the day on our isolated beaches. 


Split Parties


Since the house is tranquil and safe, many wives and girlfriends choose to just chill and relax and enjoy the sundeck while the guys go and catch tea or go night fishing. 




Our house temperatures are considerably higher sometimes than the weather recorded inland at Agadir, this is because the house is slightly inland, so you can enjoy a more temperate climate, to even quite late in the evening.


Christmas Day


Even on Christmas 2017 we record 26.2 on the sundeck, but there is usually a cooling shore breeze somewhere so if it is too hot simply sit out in the breeze.


The Hottest


Well on the sundeck yes we broke over 50, many times, but the Summer usually settles between 33-40, and with the cooling breeze it’s comfortable.


To Bring


Sunscreen 50 plus. No injections or malaria pills needed. Supplies are attainable easily.


Fishing Tackle


There is quite an amount at the house, and will cater for a small group or family. Additional tackle can be purchased locally.


Fishing Techniques


Please feel free to discuss with us as there are several methods that can work and pre tackle purchases can be made.









These monsters can reach huge proportions, and can be caught near to the house, via special techniques. If you specifically wish to target these we can help with the best months and advise on tackle.


Sea Bass


Pretty well anytime off shore, rocks, boats, night and day, ballooning is a favourite with locals and works well with small live baits and would you believe "tinfoil".



secluded beaches



chilling in lake

swimming in mountains


dinner prep





night fishing


boat fishing

camel fishing


getting ready

child room


sun deck

getting ready

he gets paid


local shop for local people





sun deck