Costa Rica

We have a beautiful part of this amazing country where LARGE rooster fish can be caught by all the family and these are incredible FUN. One of the most attractive and hardest fighting fish in the sea and its breath taking to watch the tails feathers flare out of the water as they wolf down the livebait.

We have 2 types of boats we utilise , one is small and nifty but the captain can almost smell the fish and this captain outfished everyone by many , many fish , every day we went with him. Boats and tackle are more basic but fishing talent and instinct is 2nd to none.

The second boats are still small but have toilets on board so perhaps more suited for the family.

We can alternate you between two captains, see which you like best.

BIG GAME fishing is also available from this venue, ie Sailfish , Wahoo, Tuna, Marlin, etc

For the Family

Many things to do, glorious jungle exploration, horse riding beach and jungle, idyllic beaches, snorkelling and diving.


Many levels from luxury villas, one we use is between the sea and a lake lagoon, paradise.